Media innovation: maintaining momentum post-Covid

Media innovation: maintaining momentum post-Covid

The media industry has talked about innovating for years but it took a global crisis to drive urgent action, enforcing digital transformation almost overnight. Publishers re-evaluated production and operational processes and editorial teams worked tirelessly to keep people informed, exploring new visual and audio storytelling formats to deliver impact journalism at scale. Original and meaningful content has become a critical element of that storytelling, amplified in clever and innovative media delivery solutions.

Showcasing some of the best examples of media innovation from publishers, brands and agencies, our highly esteemed panel explored how to capitalise on the momentum of the crisis as normality returns. They discussed the trends that are shaping and defining the future of media, including:

  • Developments in technology and data
  • The use of new platforms to engage with Gen Z
  • Innovations in digital events inspired by the pandemic
  • New methods of content delivery
  • Brands that have turned the Covid impact into a positive conversation with their audiences by thinking differently

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